• Louisa Gabriel

Winter Layering Tricks to Keep You Warm and Stylish.

When the temperature drops below zero and there's snow on the ground there's really only two options, throw on a onesie and hibernate at home until Spring, or master the art of layering to stay warm in the frigid air. If hibernation isn't an option then you're going to want to check out these simple layering tricks that will help you avoid looking like the Michelin man and stay toasty until Spring arrives.

The rule of 3 - The rule of 3 is a technique that is used in style for many things: mixing colors, mixing prints, and wearing layers. 3 layers is seen as the maximum combination for warmth without adding too much volume. Think tank top, shirt, and sweater combination or long-sleeve t-shirt, short-sleeved t-shirt, and cardigan.

Mix fabrics - If you choose heavy fabrics then you'll definitely add volume, so try mixing different fabrics to create a sleeker look. Add a silk blouse over a soft cotton tank top and top it off with a knitted sweater, or you could try a silk camisole underneath a knitted sweater with a cotton blazer.

Wear a tank top over a shirt - If you like to wear a shirt underneath a sweater then I'm sure you've noticed that the buttons often stick out under the sweater. To create a smooth look simply wear a tank top over the shirt and under the sweater. You'll stop those pesky buttons from sticking out and have an extra layer of warmth.

Go monochromatic - If you're looking to create a sleek look while still keeping you warm then choose monochromatic layers. Wearing items of the same color has a visually slimming effect so it's the perfect way to minimize the added volume of layers. Wear layers that are all the same color or find items that are different shades of the same color to add some detail.

By using these simple tricks you'll be able to stay warm and stylish all winter long!

Louisa 💕