• Louisa Gabriel

Time to Sparkle and Shine

Party season is in full swing and it's time to add some sparkle to our outfits.  So what are the easiest ways to add seasonal sparkle to your outfit without looking like a Christmas tree decoration?  Here are some simple tips and tricks that will make you sparkle and shine in a stylish way:

1. Don't overdo it - It takes an extremely confident person to wear head-to-toe sparkles.  If you're a bit unsure or self-conscious then it's best to opt for a skirt or top with sequins rather than a dress. If you really want to wear a dress then choose a shorter option rather than a full-length one. Adding a sequin tank or even a blazer is a great way to add a festive touch to an outfit in a stylish way.

2. Draw attention to the right places - Anything with sequins is going to attract attention so make sure you attract attention to the right areas of your body.  If you're not happy with your thighs, hips, or waistline then make sure your sparkle is on top and stick with a plain skirt or pants. If you're self-conscious about your waist or bust, then reverse the look with sequined pants or a skirt paired with a plain top. 

3. Be careful of color - I normally encourage people to wear color but this is one instance when it may be best to stick to neutrals.  Brightly colored sequins can look gaudy and can actually make you look bigger than you really are, so choose black, nude, or even gold.

4. Add sparkle to your accessories - If you're not really sold on the idea of sequined or sparkly clothing then don't do it!  Instead add sparkle to your outfits with a sequined clutch, belt, or scarf. You can also add a pair of statement earrings to make your outfit shine.

5. Be confident - Style is all about being confident, so own your sparkles and you're bound to shine!

Stay stylish, and have a happy holiday season!

Louisa 💕