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Ask The Stylist - Your Style Questions and Dilemmas Answered

Updated: May 7, 2019

So last week I decided to give my social media followers to the opportunity to ask the stylist their style questions and dilemmas, and promised to answer them in this week's blog.  I received so many questions that I would need to write a book to answer them all, so until the book is published, LOL, I've taken the most popular questions and dilemmas to include in this week's post.  If you sent in a question then hopefully I'll be answering it below, but if not, don't worry, just keep following and I'm sure I'll be addressing your concern in a future blog or social post :-)

1. I had a baby last year and I've been unable to get rid of my 'mummy tummy'.  What can I wear when I go back to work that will look professional but hide my lumps and bumps?

You're not alone!  This is a concern for many women returning to work after having a baby, it's even a concern for women who just hate their stomach area in general.  The perfect way to camouflage any bumps (baby caused or otherwise) in the mid-section is a wrap dress or wrap top.  The draping of the fabric helps to conceal the tummy, whilst giving a slimming appearance.  Also it's important to avoid clinging fabrics so go for a structured cotton rather than a jersey that will cling to every lump and bump. 

2. Is there anything I can do to make my pancake butt look curvier other than wearing padded underwear?

If your derriere is on the flat side, then you want to use detail in that area to give the illusion that it's fuller and rounder.  Try jeans that have flap rear pockets or that have detail on the back pockets.  There are some great embroidered jeans out their now which can look great and add a little more 'junk' to your 'trunk'.  For skirts and dresses go for those with gathers or pleats as this instantly adds volume!

3.  I have the dreaded bingo wings!  What can I wear in the summer that won't make them look worse, but will keep me cool?

For those of you who are not familiar with the term 'bingo wings', it's the area of loose skin underneath your upper arms.  It's a common problem for women both young and old and something that concerns many.  First, it's important to note that you can wear short sleeves in the summer and you don't have to cover your entire arm.  It's important to find the right sleeve length.  Regular t-shirt sleeves end right in the problem area so this will draw attention to the area.  choose a cap sleeve that ends at your shoulder so the attention is drawn upward and away from the area.  Also try loose bell shaped short sleeves that won't cling to your arm.

4.  I have a very short torso and don't know what to wear to help me feel less short and stumpy!

Creating a lower waistline is the goal when you have a short torso!  Choose low cut jeans and trousers to create length to your torso.  Avoid anything that is high waisted as this will only add to your problem.  A dropped-waist dress is also a perfect option to create the illusion of a longer torso.  Chevron stripes are perfect for creating length so look for tops and skirts in this pattern.

5. I was told that because I have large hips that I can't wear skinny jeans.  I really love skinny jeans though!  Is it okay for me to wear them?

First let me say, if you want to wear something then you can!  There's no fashion police that will arrest you for wearing skinny jeans if you have curvy hips!  It is true, that skinny jeans can make your hips look bigger than they are, but to counteract this the simplest thing to do is wear them with a wedge or platform shoe, as this will create more of a balance between with your hips.

6.  I have a very boyish figure!  Straight up and down, with no curves!  How can I make myself look curvier?

There's a couple of simple tricks to creating the illusion of curves for those with a column figure.  If you don't already own anything with a peplum, then you need to go shopping!  You can get peplum skirts, tops, and jackets, and they all create the look of curves.  Another trick to try is to wear bright coloured belts!  They can be wide or skinny belts which ever you prefer, but by using them to add definition to your waist, you'll create a curvier look!

7.  I'm only 5 ft 2, can I still wear a maxi dress in the summer?

Of course you can!  Just make sure that the length or the dress falls at your ankles.  If it's any longer it will make you look shorter.  Also go for simple and straight cuts, nothing too frilly or full.  You might also want to try a vertical stripe to create more length in your frame.

8.  I have short legs and I heard that Capri pants can make them look shorter.  Is this true?

Yes and no!  It really depends on the length of the Capri!  If it stops mid-calf, then yes it can have a shortening effect, but if it stops closer to the ankle then it won't!  You can also balance out the effect by wearing them with a wedge or a heel to make your legs seem longer.

9.  I have broad shoulders!  what's the best type of tops to wear that won't make me look like a line-backer?

V-neck tops are a must if you have broad shoulders!  They draw the lines inwards instead of outwards!  Also avoid anything with shoulder pads or detail on the shoulders and upper part of your torso.  Try tops that have a flare at the bottom such as a peplum to create balance.

10.  I'm very top heavy and have to buy tops that are big enough to fit my boobs, but then they make the rest of me look bigger!  What should I do?

It is definitely a challenge if you have large boobs but a smaller waistline.  Unfortunately clothing manufacturers have yet to realise that not every body fits the same mould.  You should always choose a size that fits your chest first, and look for options that are darted around the mid-section to create a more fitted look.  The best piece of advice though is that you need to find a really good tailor and have things taken in to fit your proportions perfectly!

I hope I've been able to answer your style questions and dilemmas!  If you are looking for more help then why not consider a personal style consultation with The Style Clinic.

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