• Louisa Gabriel

5 Simple Ways to Level Up Your Office-Style Game

For many women, 9-5 style can be a challenge. Finding the perfect balance between professional and stylish can sometimes seem overwhelming, and leads many to stick to the 'safe' options of a black blazer and white shirt. But adding style to your workwear wardrobe shouldn't be stressful and it's actually very easy to achieve. For those of you who are looking to level up your office-style game, then here are 5 simple ways to get you looking and feeling stylish while still maintaining a professional image.

1. Blazers don't always have to be black!

Obviously, a blazer is a great option for the office and oozes professionalism. However, there's a range of blazers other than a basic black that can add a splash of style while keeping you polished. Try a patterned option such as a black and white checked blazer or go for a colored option. Just be sure to go for a tailored shape rather than a straight as a loose blazer than can sometimes look too casual.

2. Forget the white shirt and create some interest!

A crisp white shirt can seem like a great choice for the office it can actually feel too cold and clinical. If you're going to stick to a black pantsuit, then leave the white shirt at home and add a perfect splash of style with a colored or patterned shirt or blouse. You'll be amazed at how much more stylish your office look will be if you switch out this one item!

3. Pants come in colors other than black and grey!

Why do we always wear black or grey pants to the office? Unless you have a specific dress code where you work that states black pants must be worn at all times, then there's no reason not to try pants in a brighter color! There's such a range of stunning colors out there right now, that are tailored to look professional. If you're ready to give them a try just be sure to wear a top or jacket in a basic, muted tone!

4. The pantsuit reinvented!

The pantsuit is the epitome of professionalism! It's the go-to choice for interviews and business meetings and has always created a sense of business and power. Whereas the go-to color has always been black, there's now a new pantsuit on the block that brings color into the boardroom. If you're not ready to dive into a bold color choice then a muted olive or soft blue is a perfect place to start.

5. Pants are not the only option!

While pants are a safe choice for looking professional at the office, there's no reason why a dress can't work just as well. As long as you choose a structured style you'll look the ultimate business professional but with an added dash of style. Rather than sticking to a black or navy option, why not spice things up with a bold color choice?

And don't forget! If you need more help with your 9-5 style then our certified personal stylists can help! Request a free consultation call now!

Louisa 💕